May 23rd, 2014 - Dublin, Ireland (x)


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"Thank you to Karen and Geoff who did the deed 21 years and 9 months ago and gave us this ball of sunshine"

—Harry being a fucking MENACE FOR LIAM’S BIRTHDAY (via giggleshrug)

Liam is a menace 8/29/14


happy birthday to my favorite big fluffy darling donut!! ♥  (are we sure he’s not turning 6 rather than 21)

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Happy 21st birthday, Liam James Payne!! ♡

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niallhoran:  Just wanna say the biggest/fattest happy 21st birthday to my brother @fakeliampayne , I love you bro and i can’t wait to celebrate it with you! We have waited for this, since that first trip we ever made to America , please make use of it, coz I will if you dont! Love you brother have a great day

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louteasdale - Any bar jobs goin anywhere? Love you Liam. HB x

I love my boys and maybe things have gone a little sideways I apologize for that. We are only in our 20’s we all do stupid things at this age. We all have a lot of growing up to do in an extreme circumstance. I’m not making excuses but it’s fact we are gonna fall short somewhere. Hopefully we stand the test of time and get it right in the end. I don’t take this for granted and I’m extremely grateful to be here doing this. Thank you to everyone who has stuck with us through this just know that we love you guys for it and it means the world.

Happy 21st Birthday Liam James Payne! (August 29,1993)

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